Monday, November 26, 2012

eBay Auctions Ending

I have several eBay auctions ending tonight,  so check out what's listed! Here are a few quick pictures of what I have listed!

Case IH Evolution Set. This was a set given to dealers at their annual meeting. It is pretty difficult to find and the detail is excellent. Typically sets that say "dealer" somewhere on them cost more.

CAT Lexion 485 Combine. This was made by Norscott in the late 90's and has become very difficult to find. They haven't made a 1/64th scale CAT combine since. This model has great detail.
 John Deere s680 Chrome Chase edition from the 2012 Fall Farm Show. The regular combine from the fall farm show only had 5000 units made, and out of those 500 were these chrome chase models. Anytime you have a production number under 1000 it means it will usually go up in value/
 John Deere 2012 Fall Farm Show 2012 Combine. Great detail and only 5000 made!
Apple iPhone 4. No, its not a tractor, but it is a great smartphone with many features including Apple's wonderful Retina display and it was made to operate on Verizon's network which is one of the largest cellular networks. This one has a screen in great condition and was well taken care of. Please see the listing detail for more information. 
Thanks for looking, I hope you like some of my auctions. Any questions please ask!

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