Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Auctions up, Old auctions have 2 days left...

I added 6 new eBay auctions tonight including several custom pieces:

1. A Steiger green STX425

2. A TR97 Combine with Bin extension

2. MX305 with Trelleborg Duals

4. CXT International Truck

5. 3588 for restoration

6. John Deere 7720 with custom duals, which was featured in my blog article from last year:

If you have any questions about any of these auctions please leave me a comment.

I have several other auctions that have about 48 hours left.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Model Release - The IH 1086

Yet another new release from Ertl is the IH 1086 pictured above. It includes many nice features including more realistic graphics and clear cab glass. Also as you can see from the picture the 1086 comes with tall single tires. In the 3rd picture you can see a side-by-side comparison of the 1086 produced by Ertl in the 70s, and the vast improvements on the new model.

I think its interesting that the old cast exhaust pipe is actually more sturdy (although less detailed) than the new model's rubber piece.

The new 1086 is available at dealers for around $6-8, and its a good deal at that price. As far as a value outlook I don't expect much because Ertl will no doubt get their money back from the new tooling by many variations in the next several years. The value of the old model will fall slightly because you are eliminating the collector that just wants any 1086 that is available, so why pay $20 when you can pay $6? Nevertheless I imagine the old castings will still bring around $15 at toy shows in the future.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Magnum 305 & STX 535 Gold Signature Edition

Another new release from Ertl / Case IH is the Magnum 305 & STX 535 Gold signature edition set. This is a very nice set featuring the anniversary editions of 2 very popular Case IH tractors. Both of the models feature cab glass and great detail. One nice feature this set has is the silver painted rims. Often Ertl only has the dull gray rims that come on the stock casted plastic. Another feature shared by these two models is the golden hood and a special graphic.

I enlarged and inset the Graphic in the first photo in this post so that you can clearly see the 20th anniversary sticker on the Magnum, and the 50th anniversary sticker on the STX.

This set is at dealers for around $16-$18, and is a nice addition to a collection, although value will probably not go up for several years.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New eBay auctions up!

Its been a while, but ive put up some more eBay auctions. Please take a look and check back often since I'll post some more auctions tommorrow.

Included in some of the auctions I put up tonight:

1/64th Case IH 7010 Combine
1/64th Case IH 3388 2+2 with CUSTOM duals
1/64th John Deere 8330T
1/64th TG305 with CUSTOM duals
1/64th 9620 4wd
+Many more

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gilpin Sulky Plow

Here is an interesting piece I found at a Michigan tractor dealership just before Christmas.

The John Deere corporate website has an interesting article about the plow:

Basically this plow was very popular after the civil war, and was named after a “big-wig” at Deere & Co.

As a model this piece is very nice featuring die cast construction, free rolling wheels, and nicely casted details. The tongue of the model has an inscription reading “JOHN DEERE AFTER MARKET 2000, ST. LOUIS 95, ACHIEVING THE VISION”

As far as the plows value goes, it seems to be a limited piece, since I have never run across it at any toy shows including the National. At the dealership I paid $15, but I have seen it sell on eBay for as much as $30.

If anyone has further details on this item I would be interested to her them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 KFYR AGRI Steiger Couger II

Here are some images of the new Couger II AGRI International Farm Toy Show Tractor. This Model features variations from the new Couger II that was released this past fall. The following additions were made for the show tractor:

1. Headlights

2. Black painted engine (originally yellow)

3. Taillights

4. Hydraulic lines

5. Rubber Duals all around

This tractor has a serial number on the top of the roof. If anyone can let me know how many were made I would appreciate it. If past years are an indicator, there were probably around 300 made.

KFYR AGRI Couger II vs. "Stock" Couger II

Here are the variations I mentioned in the above post on the New Couger II. The duals are a welcome addition, and the lights add a nice touch of detail.

Same Casting, New Paint

Here are some good comparison shots of the Steiger Panther that came out past fall and the new Ford FW-60.

New Model Release - FORD FW-60

Here is another new offering from Ertl using the Steiger casting. The Ford FW-60 is a very well detailed 4wd featuring cab glass and realistic graphics.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Model Release - The John Deere 9630

The much anticipated 9030 series 4wd was released from Ertl several weeks ago. This is a very nice model featuring Cab glass, cab lights, accurate grill and ladder detail, and excellent fit and finish. At almost $10 you can see that prices are going up for standard toy tractors, but at the same time the detail is also going up, its its worth the extra money.

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