Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Model Timeline?

As an addendum to my previous posts I wanted to give the dates that I'm aware of for some of the model releases:

1/64 6388: Available now!

1/64 Case IH Baler and New Holland Baler: April 2010

1/64 Case IH Magnums regular and red chrome. Sometime next summer before the 2010 NFTS.

1/32 9120 With Tracks: Late November/ Early December? (hopefully)

Also available soon is a new 1/64th authentic. The 6088 will be a variation of the 7088 that was released last year. The biggest differences will be the decals, and the 6088 will come with an 8 row corn head. Below is a picture of the actual 6088.

I also mentioned in my post about the national farm toy show that there will be a Woods and Copeland 600C released soon, I was told that tractor will come out in the first quarter of 2010. Below is a picture of the prototype 600C.

A few other new items that I haven't reported yet are the Kuhn Knight Slinger 8118 and the Kuhn Knight Reel Auggie 3130. These items are made by Norscott and will be sold through Kuhn dealers. Otherwise I have no other information. Below are the prototypes.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 National Farm Toy Show Tractor

The 2009 National Farm Toy Show (NFTS) tractor this year is the Steiger Panther KM325. This is another variation of the Steiger castings that were produced a few years ago. One big difference and nice addition is the new tires with Goodyear written on the sidewalls in white. This adds a nice touch to an already nice model. Missing from this model is the 3pt hitch that we have seen in previous NFTS models over the past several months.

Excellent engine detail and silver stripe.

Triples? TRIPLES!

Part of the allure of buying 1/64 scale farm toys is to own a piece of equipment that weighs several tons in the field, yet you can set the model on your shelf. Its also interesting that these models cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in real life but you can buy the miniature for $9. So when buying a model if what you are after is the biggest and best then a model with triples is probably the largest tire/wheel combinations that you will find except in rare occasions. This John Deere 9430 is an excellent model to start with, but the addition of row crop triples makes it very interesting. It is also nice that we now have a 1/64th scale row crop model that fits perfectly with the huge 32 row DB90 planter.

New Models Coming Soon

First displayed at the 2009 National Farm Toy Show the following models will soon be available for purchase. The first model featured is a 1/32 9120 combine with tracks. This is an excellent model and as far as I'm aware the first 1/32 Case IH combine with tracks. This model will be in the "Prestige" Series and has excellent detail. Ertl is claiming late November to early December shipping.
Below is the 6388 which is a casting variation of the 3388 that came out about 5 years ago. The 2+2 is a very popular IH model, and until now we have had to custom make models beyond the 3388 and the 3588. This model has a red cab top with the black and silver stripe. Anyone who now wants a 7488 can have one with a simple decal swap. That gives me a great idea for a future article, stay tuned.
Below is something 1/64 fans have anticipated for years. A 1/64th scale big baler has been a very popular request at shows, and until now the quality of the models you could buy was questionable. As you can see this is a very nice model, and as soon as they are released ill have a full review.
Below is the Case IH variation of the Big Baler. Just as big, but for most people when they think balers New Holland is a more popular choice.
Below is the 2010 Farm Show Edition. I was surprised to see this considering it wont be out until next summer, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Ertl producing another tractor with triples.
Below is the red-chrome "chase" edition of this tractor. As usual this will be limited in production, and as usual toy dealers will open the boxes and put them on eBay so that the average collector cant afford one (Don't get me started).

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures From The 2009 National Farm Toy Show

The 2009 National Farm Toy Show has officially concluded, and for many farm toy collectors tomorrow will be like December 26th and we all have to wait 363 more days until next years show. I took some pictures at this years show, so when you have that midnight Dyersville craving you can visit my webpage.
Above is one of the winning 1/64 small scale displays from this years show. I thought this was interesting because I have never seen an auction depicted on a farm toy display. The picture below shows the crowd gathering around the tractors and implements being auctioned off. On a side note I think its interesting that the trophy is being displayed in the sludge pit.
Below is the National Farm Toy Museum. During the show admission is free, and you can see them different displays showing toy tractors from many different eras, and displays showing the manufacturing process and the people that have created the hobby. You can also see that the weather for the show was amazing.
Below is one of the newer displays from the national farm toy museum displaying all of the anniversary tractors that have been produced for the Toy Tractor Times. In the bottom left corner you can see the Big Bud HN 320 which was on my top 10 list of best toys produced last year.
Below is a tractor from Long Creek toy company that is slated for production early next year. The 600C is the 4th tractor in their line of Woods and Copeland 4wds. A you can see this tractor has excellent detail and nice duals. I will review this tractor in detail when its released in the spring.

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