Friday, July 11, 2008

New Model Release - CASE 2470

The 2470 was recently released by Ertl, and features the level of detail that we have become used to in the past few years. This tractor features cab glass, window detail, high detail wheels and tires, and an overall nice finish. You may recognize this model, because it is the same casting used as the 2007 NFTS Tractor, just painted white instead of "Desert Tan." Here is the post I wrote after returning from the 2007 show:

Above: front view of the tractor shows a detailed grill, but a nasty casting seem on the roof.

Above: Here is a head to head comparison of the 2470s in white and "Desert Tan." As you can see the only real difference is the 3-pt hitch on the Tan 2470.

Above: A rear "Case" decal and 3pt hitch (non-moveable) sets the tan tractor apart from the white one.

Above: Here is a comparison of the older 1470 that was produced by Ertl (In the late 90s?). You can see better overall detail on the newer tractor, with one HUGE exception. The Tan tractor on the Left has independently steerable front and rear wheels! This tractor was produced 10 years earlier, and has more articulating parts? This is disappointing to say the least, because coupled with the level of detail on the 2470 steering would have been a great bonus. I'm sure the declining factor was profit, and if they would have had to add steering it would have cost us more or not been made, so I'm happy we have the tractor, but not happy when we go in reverse in detail. There are lots of tractors I don't buy because they don't meet certain standards (I'm talking to you scale models), so I would hate to see Ertl follow the dollar and lose collectors.

Above: which tractor do you think was made in 1998, and which in 2008. You may not like the answer.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday's Machine - John Deere 8420

This Mondays Machine is the John Deere 8420 FWA tractor. I snapped this picture in southern Michigan.

Some details about the real 8420:
-Produced from 2002-2005 In Waterloo, Iowa
-235 HP
-496 Cubic Inches
-Front Tires 16.9 R30
-Rear Tires 18.4 R46
-Weight 23,050

There have been several toy variations of the 8420:

1. 1/64 8420 There were 3 variations in packaging for this model, 1 had the correct 8420 designation, and the other said 8520. These were both in the green and black Ertl packaging that had a watermark of a cornfields on the green part. The third variation is in the more modern packaging that was yellow and green.

***UPDATE - As you can see in the picture below I found another variation of the newer packaging that has a child safety warining on the package rather than the "New Item" Decal.

2. 1/64 8420 European edition (There are at least 2 variations of this also. One package is marked "New" and the other is marked "First Production") (Bottom, middle Picture)

3. 1/64 8420 in 2 piece set from Reynolds farm equipment anniversary. This is packaged with a JD 50 Narrow Front.

4. 1/64 8420 Premier Series #11 - This was part of Ertl's premiere line. The tractor featured a GPS beacon and some additional painted on details. (Bottom, Right Picture)

5. 1/16 8420 With front singles and rear duals - This also had 2 variations, with one being a First production, and one a standard production.

6. If anyone can think of any other variations just comment below or email me and ill update the post.

Here is a "Premiere" 8420 that I added front and rear dual painted wheels to, and a painted cab top with GPS beacon.

For the sake of adding a video, here is a video I found of stock class tractor pull using an 8420.

New Model Release - Continued - John Deere 1895 Air Seder

Here are the pictures of the actual air seeder unit that I wrote about in last weeks blog. As you can see it is wider, offering an additional row of planting units compared to the previous models (pictured below). This unit also features row openers, and a rear hitch.

(above) You can see the extra row of planting units and the rear hitch compared to the 1890 air seeder, that was released a few years ago.
(above) Here are the 3 air seeders that Ertl has produced in the past few years. From left to right is the 1895, 1990, and 1890 seeders.
(above & below) Here are the commodity carts that have come in the airseeder sets. You can see that the newer cart has an extra tank, larger wheels, and sits up higher off of the ground. Also the addition of the pivoting front wheels really make this a nice piece.

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Email For This Blog

I have created an email account for this blog. will be the primary email address if you wish to contact me about anything. Please send me your questions about my posts, or in regard to anything that has to do with toy or real farming. Also if you would like to see a picture of a farm toy or real tractor I will gladly post it if I have one.

Also if you ever have any comments on my postings, please do so under each post. I hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Birthday America

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Model Release - 1895 Air Seeder Set

Recently released was the John Deere 1895 Air seeder set. This set includes a 9530 4WD tractor, 1895 air seeder, 1910 commodity cart, and a anhydrous ammonia tank. This is a very nice set with excellent detail. The sir seeder has gotten longer than the previous release from a few years ago, and the commodity cart has gotten substantially larger (see tomorrow's post). I have included the following pictures to show you some of the details on this set, and I will compare it to older versions on Friday. This set retails for about $27, and although is expensive for 1/64 you get 4 good pieces. Here is the 1895 air seeder, 1910 Commodity Cart, and 1980's flashback Anhydrous Ammonia Tank.
The commodity cart has 3 large tanks, large single rear wheels, and pivoting front dual wheels. The auger moves so that you can position it to fill the commodity cart from the side.
Here is the hitch and front axles of the commodity cart. Notice the pivot pin on the front.
The wheels turn a full 360 degrees. A very nice feature adding stability and realism for this model. Here is the auger fully extended in loading position and the wheels swiveled the opposite direction.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Model Release - John Deere 9630T

The John Deere 9630T is a farm toy you should buy. I have never said that on this page before (probably because I just thought of it), but honestly it has so many upgrades that it will improve anyone’s collection.

The 9630T is the first of the 9000T series released, and it also has several firsts to go with it. It is the first 9000T tractor with cab glass (that I’m aware of), it is the first 9000T Tractor with cab lights, and, and, wait for it, it is the first tracked 1/64th scale model Ertl has released with painted plastic wheels. Let me be the first to say “Thank you Ertl.” I have been clamoring for painted wheels for years and in fact I spend allot of my customizing time painting the wheels on my own models. It adds realism to the tractor because it makes them look metal, and is a more correct color. I’m sure it costs more to paint them, than to just leave them light yellow plastic, but you really end up with a better product.

Another nice detail on the tractor is the clear “John Deere” sticker on the rear window. Although you may miss it if you don’t look close enough, it adds a nice touch. This model also features turn signals, which have been absent on every other regular release 1/64th scale John Deere in the 9000 series (T and 4wd).

2 complaints:
1. “You spent the time painting the wheels, why not paint the cab top?” Seriously here folks, the cab top has lights and a gps beacon. It is far beyond the past generation of 9000T tractors in detail (See picture below), yet it lacks that luster of painted plastic like its 4WD brethren. It would definitely be worth the extra 3 cents to paint the cab top.
2. The tracks roll very poorly. This has been an ongoing war with Ertl. It seems that only about 1/3 tractors have decent rubber on them. Either they get that chalky residue on them or are hard as a rock. Then about every 3rd tractor you end up with a very pliable tire that has a deep black finish. These particular tracks have more of a glossy black finish, like the tractor might look on the dealership floor (with tons of silicone), but they do not roll easily at all. If I had to pick I would go to the previous generation tracks that roll easy (for the kids of course) but are a more dull shade of black.

Overall impression: Excellent tractor with great detail. The upgrades really make this an excellent model, one I will probably put in my top 10 models of 2008. For $7.99 you get allot of quality for your money.
Where can you get one?
The John Deere sticker in the rear window looks like etched glass

Painted Wheels (Be still my heart)

9630T (left) - 9520T (Right)

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