Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011 New Holland Farm Show Edition T9.615 4WD

This years farm show edition from New Holland is the T9.615. This is a nice model based on the newest 4WD release from Ertl. This tractor features large newly designed front and rear duals. 
 Cab top inscription. Nice detail on the GPS beacon.
 Newly designed muffler, hood and rear fenders with cab top lights and rear lights.
 Front weights.
 Nice view of the rear weights.
 Here is a picture of the real T9 4WD at the 2011 Farm Science Review.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Case IH Farm Show Edition 315

This years Case IH Farm Show Edition is the 315 tractor with FWA and front and rear duals. This tractor has been produced in toy form several times and features excellent detail. In my opinion these are the best front duals that were ever offered on a model. There are also rear wheel weights. Imprinted on the top of the cab is a silver imprint that says 2011 Farm Show Edition. I do have a few extras of these tractors, so if you need one please visit my eBay page.
 Rear oblique photo shows the big rear duals.
 Nice detail on the hood to show the vents. Also notice the GPS beacon.
 Cab top imprint has Farm Show 2011 in silver lettering.
 Here is the collector box.
I have 2 of these tractors available on my ebay page.

Orange County Chopper at the 2011 Farm Science Review?

When I went to he Farm Science review this year I expected to see combines, planters, balers and forage harvesters but I didn't expect to see a motorcycle from everybody's favorite motorcycle based reality show. Apparently Beck's Hybrids commissioned OCC to build 2 custom motorcycles. The first one pictured is a traditional chopper that is adorned in a Ohio State paint scheme (yuck) and has some beck's hybrid labels painted on. There were red led lights on the underside which seems to be a recent trend with OCC. The second "motorcycle" utilizes the same paint scheme however is a reverse trike design that has a similar front end of a 4-wheeler (quad). The most interesting part of the reverse trike is the pseudo corn head out front which you don't really expect to see on a motorcycle, but since it was created for a seed company it is quite interesting. One of these motorcycles is being auctioned off for charity (I believe the traditional one).
 Seems to follow a traditional OCC design. Looks fun.
 Here is the reverse trike that does look similar to a can am motorcycle. The rear tire looks to be a Z rated automotive tire.
 From this angle this looks like a very unique quad more than a motorcycle.
 Close up of the combine head inspired front end. Also makes a terrific cattle catcher.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Case IH 2011 Dealer Meeting Magnum 340 & Steiger 600

I recently found a few sets of the Case IH 2011 Dealer meeting edition. This set is sometimes released at the annual dealer meeting that rotates to different parts of the country when new model are produced. The 2011 edition features a Magnum 340 with single front and rear tires and a Steiger 600 with large front and rear flotation duals and front weights.

The cab tops of these tractors have a silver imprint that says "CASE IH, Nashville, TN, 2011. These are very nice models and in the past have been highly collectible. There was a similar set at the phoenix dealer meeting a few years ago that became very valuable. I was able to acquire a few of these sets and have them for sale on eBay. Below is a close up view of the Magnum 340.
Here is a close up view of the magnum 600. Notice the front and rear weights, cab lights and fender lights.
The back of the box has some nice artwork displaying the tractors in the field.
Here is the cab imprint on the top of the magnum 340. This imprint is on top of both tractors.
You can buy this set on my eBay page.

The item number for this auction is: 14807A

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Farm Science Review Pictures

Well done kinze. Although these new planters and grain cart may have been released some time ago, I wasn't aware of them so they are new to me. I really like the new commodity tanks which look like they belong on the space station rather than a farm implement. Lets hope some 1/64 editions are soon to follow, please, please, please. Here is the 3600, updated!
Here is a 3660 with seed and commodity bins.
Here is a 1300 grain cart.

New Model Release Case IH Authentics #3 Steiger STX 450

The first real 4wd tractor in the authentics series was released earlier this year and it is great. The Case IH STX450 has been around for a few years but is an excellent representative of Case IH's Big 4Wds. This model is the first real big 4wd in the series from Case IH or John Deere is features clear cab glass, nicly detail wheels and tires, a detailed articulation and very nice details.

More 2011 FSR Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the FSR. Also the new header for my blog is a Realtree New Holland 4wd T9.615 that was on display.

Here is a nice Krone "Big Pack" Baler.
The gleaner S67
Claas forage chopper
Here is the Claas Lexion 730. I really wish they would go with a classic green and white paint job.
Here is a Realtree customized New Holland CR 8090 Combine.
Here is a cool Preditor sprayer.

Interesting Photos from the 2011 Farm Science Review

This year I made a trip over to the Ohio Farm Science Review in London, OH. I took some pictures of the new and interesting "real" tractors I cam across. There were several outlets selling toys including Moore's Farm Toys. Of the dealers Case IH and
New Holland had the best selection of miniatures for sale.

On the other hand John Deere had no tractors but gave out spiffy jump drive bracelets that contained digital copies of all of their new product literature instead of cutting down 700 trees so that every kid in the midwest can litter their bedroom floor with glossy peripherals. So John Deere, instead of giving out or even selling a model of the hundred thousand dollar machine you are trying to promote you thought to yourself "How can we make ourselves make look more professional? I know, how about some gold bracelets!" Somebody in Deere marketing has seen napoleon dynamite a few too many times. I will say Deere's exhibit was very impressive, and they had the only actual 1/64th scale farm display that was at the show (pictured below). I will say, if you are going to go to the trouble of making a display how about using models that you are introducing at the show. For a few hundred bucks (I would do it for free) some farm toy customizer would make custom decals and details for your tractors so that you can correlate what you are selling inside and outside the tent.

Here is the S680 Combine that will soon be the subject of Authentic #3. Its Big.
Here is the 9560 RT climbing a small mountain of mulch.
The New John Deere 9510R
More 9510R
S670 Combine
Other Side of the S670

Monday, September 19, 2011

John Deere Authentics Series #3 Released

Recently Ertl put out a flyer announcing the release of the 3rd tractor in the Authentics series the John Deere S690 Combine. This model follows the 8530 and the 7930 as John Deere's promotional tool for new models, and satisfying toy collectors desires for high detail models. This model is overdue since there has not been a major redesign of a new model John Deere toy combine since the 9750 was released 12 years ago.

The S690 in the authentics series should feature opening panels, opening cab glass, raisable feeder house, and positionable rear wheels. The detail on the Case IH 6088 and 7088 has been very nice and we should expect the same level of detail from the S960. Early prototype pictures of the combine are available on VanKley's Website.

Below is an interesting picture from the John Deere UK website that has front tracks which could make an interesting custom.

Here is a video of the S690 in action following unveiling at the Farm Progress Show.<

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