Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Model Release - J-M 680/760 Gravity Wagon, JD 8130

Yet another new release from Ertl is the J&M 680/760 gravity wagons. These wagons feature nice detail with a sliding door, front and rear hitch, and high detail. The wagons come packaged together (2), with a John Deere 8130. The 8130 is another variation in the John Deere 8x30 line. It has basic features and is a nice model, but has a major flaw. The wheels are a very dull shade of yellow, that look very little like the typical john deere yellow that you see on real tractors, and some of the better toys. These dull yellow wheels make the tractor look pretty crappy, and are a disappointment. I plan on painting mine as soon as I can.
The set packaged with 2 wagons and the 8130 retail for $20-22, which I think is too pricey for what you get. This is an attempt by Ertl to get people who want to buy the gravity wagon that would cost $6-8 alone, to spend $22 on a set containing a poorly detailed tractor that they most likely already have a better variation of anyway. If you really want the wagons it is worth the price, but I'm willing to bet there will be another smaller set released or individual wagons (100% chance of this with Ertl's usual directive of maximizing models released from 1 casting.)

New Model Releases - John Deere 7930, 568 Baler

Recently released from Ertl is the John Deere 7330 "Premium" tractor and 568 "MegaWide plus" round baler. These items come packaged individually, but look very nice together.
7330 - The 1/64th 7330 is a very nice replica. It features clear cab glass, a sunroof with glass, and rubber tires. The tires on this model seem to be a softer compound than on previous Ertl offerings. The grill and headlights are cast into the front of the tractor, instead of a sticker so this is an extra nice touch of detail. Overall this is a very nice model, and I would recommend it to any collection. The price is currently $6-7 at most dealerships.
568 Baler - The 1/64 John Deere round baler has been released many many times. I once heard a man at a toy show brag that he had over 20 "variations" of the original round baler that was produced by Ertl. I don't know if that was accurate, but considering all of the tractor sets and how many years it was produced, there are bound to be many different variations of the old baler out there. The new 568 baler is a very nice upgrade. It features an opening bale door, and very large rubber tires. These tires are also made of an upgraded compound that is softer to the touch. The baler also has very small bogey wheels up front, and a rotating gathering reel underneath. This is an excellent model that would be an upgrade if you are still using the old balers. It sells for around $6-7 at dealerships. Here is the website from Deere for the real baler:

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