Monday, December 3, 2007

I Love Broken Toys

When most people open anything they buy they expect it to be in pristine condition, and rightfully so. If there is a defect from the manufacturer or a product is damaged during shipping, any sane person would return the item for a new one. I on the other hand see an unexpected project, a challenge to my mechanical skills, and a battle of wits between me and the toy companies. You could say that I’m happy sometimes when the tractors I buy are missing a wheel or have a defective hitch.

Some people might say that the fact that I have to write this article is a statement on the quality of products that are being released. Instead of getting angry with the condition of my purchases, I feel like I’m getting the better end of the deal because I get the tractor and the satisfaction of fixing it. When you open your Christmas presents this year be thankful for whatever condition they are in because you can always take them back or glue on the wheel if you need to.
Pictured above is a versatile 850 that was made by C&D models a few years ago. When I took it out of the package and the wheel fell off, it brought a smile to my face.

All Better!

Here is that same Versatile from the previous post with a brand new brass axle. The only problem is that now the rear axle works better than the front. Where's my Dremel?........

New Steigers Released!

Here are the pictures of the much anticipated Steigers that have recently been released. The first picture is of the big Panther PT325 with duals. The second picture is of the Turbo Tiger I. The third picture is of the Turbo Tiger II.

New Tires for the New Holland

Here is a tire change that I just completed on a TJ530 and 2 TG305s'. I took the rear duals from 2 TG 305s' (bottom right tractor), and put them on the TJ530 (top tractor). I then took the tires from the TJ530 and put them on the 2 TG305s (bottom left). I really think this adds an aggressive look to the big 4WD, and it is one of my favorite combinations. Look for one of the 305s' to show up in a future eBay auction.

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