Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Model Release - JD R450 SP Windorwer

This is more of a new-ish model release of the John Deere R450 self propelled windrower. With Case IH and New Holland versions recently released it would be unlike John Deere to not have a toy version of their own hardware on the market. This toy features free rolling rubber wheels, clear cab glass, and realistic graphics and details. For about $8 this a very nice model with great detail.

New Holland Bale Wagon

While traveling through northern Michigan I stumbled across this bale pickup wagon. I have seen several of these in real life, but this one was in great shape. I have seen a few toy replicas of these, but I have yet to try it for myself. I will definitely be on the lookout for one of these at the National Farm Toy Show which starts officially in about 40 hours.

Hauling Pumpkins

In the spirit of Halloween week (AKA I forgot to post this on Halloween) here is a picture of a tractor tat I took when I was buying pumpkins this year. The sign was in the same guys yard and I thought it was appropriate for the blog.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1 Day left in the auctions

There are some good deals on several of my eBay auctions currently so if you get a chance check them out tomorrow night they all end. Pictured below are several items that are being sold individually or in lots. The New Holland set is a dealer edition. The Mack truck and grain trailer are a custom combination and the forage harvester is a "first edition."

Link: eBay

Link: eBay

New Model Release - Big Bud 500

The Big Bud 500 was released with Ertl this summer with the Big Bud 440. The 500 was limited to 2500 units. It features rubber tires, clear cab glass, and realistic graphics. The 440 features the "Williams Brothers" logo on the side of the door. At VanKleys the 440 is priced at $18 and the 500 at $16. Below are several pictures of the 500. In addition there were 156 pairs of gold 440s and 500s released which are priced at a stratospheric $425 for the pair. For more information on the Big Bud tractors and the Williams brothers store visit Williams Big Bud.

Check out my eBay auctions.

New Model Release BB9080

When this was announced I knew it would be a crowd favorite because 1/64th scale collectors have been clamoring for a 1/64th scale big baler for years. Ertl didn't disappoint us with the detail on this machine. The chute extends form the back to allow bales to fall behind. It also has twin axles and detailed bogey wheels. Below are some pictures.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Model Release Case IH 7088 Combine

This combine was actually released a few months ago, but I neglected to review it. I LOVE the Ertl authentics series. It is by far the best detail you can get in 1/64th scale for the price. If I could pick a "bang for your buck." series of tractors the authentics would be it.

This combine is virtually identical to the 7088 except with different decals. The major improvement on this combine is the inclusion of an 8 row corn head and a 36 foot grain head. Neither of these were included with the 7088. The raisable feeder house, steerable rear axle, and opening cab door make this model a great buy.

Here is a video of the Case IH "Rotary Revolution" that has some clips of the 6088 in action.

New Holland Farm Show Edition 2010 T7070

The 2010 New Holland Fall Farm Show edition this year is the T7070 Power Command. This is a nice looking tractor, with every unit from Ertl painted mazarati blue. On the front of the box it states that this is the "Tractor of the Year." I'm not sure what that entails, but the model is very nice.

Below you can see the farm show lettering on the hood and the auto command decal.

Below is the left cab top that states "Blue Power." Very cool.

Tracks on the Back

While driving through northern Michigan I spotted this Kubota at a delaership. I though that this must be a custom tractor that someone produced for the harsh northern michigan terrain and winters. But upon review at the kubota website this is actually a "M128 Power Crawler." This tractor features tank like rubber treads coupled to an 8 spped transmission and 108 PTO horsepower. Very Cool. For more information about Kubota M series tractors.
Here is an interesting video of a wheeled M128X Kubota getting un-stuck form the mud. If you get bored just fast forward to the 1:16 mark and watch the tractor pull out.

There are a few Kubota toys out there (None of the M128X Power Crawler unfortunately) but from what I have seen Outback Farm Toys has the best selection.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Case IH Farm Show 2010

The 2010 edition of the case IH farm show edition is the Steiger STX 535. This tractor was released about 3-4 months ago and uses the same Steiger chassis that Ertl released in 2008. This is a nice model because it features triples, which haven't been seen on a STX steiger in about 8 years. As the "special edition" Ertl produced a "limited" number of chaser Red Chrome tractors. Pictured below is my red chrome edition.

Check out my eBay auctions which have about 2 days left:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five Favorite Farm Show Finds

With the National Farm Toy Show only 17 days away I'd like to talk a little about what makes it exciting for me to attend. I really enjoy hunting through the hundreds of tables for either that one tractor that I have been searching for for years or surprised by something I have never seen before. Despite going to many shows and looking on line constantly I still find interesting models that I have never seen. It seems like there is a whole segment of the farm toy industry that has not integrated the Internet into their business.

So for the the excitement is the anticipation of the next big find. Here are five "Big" finds that I have come across in the last 3 National Farm Toy Shows:

5. The John Deere 12A Pull Type combine: Last year I was making my final sweep of the high school hallway and I saw a table that was selling nothing but pull type combines. The dealer had orange, red and green combines that were modeled in resin after common implements. With a rotating beater and what looked like accurate to scale detail I bought it in a hurry. Even though it is resin cast I am extremely happy with this purchase, and I hope to buy another color soon.

4. Grain Augers: I have been looking for some simple high detail grain augers for a while. Ertl made a low detail version in the 80s which is currently overpriced and standi makes a version that also has poor detail in plastic. These augers are from scratch cast and if you have seen their products you know scratch cast is high quality stuff. They have allot of accessory type products that are not cheap, but you can see the man hours involved in making them.

3. Big Bud HN320 4wd: Last year I was bummed because Long Creek didn't have the 600c ready for the farm show which was going to be my big 4wd purchase. I walked by this big bud 4 times thinking it was going to be $100 because of its condition. When I saw the price was considerable less and that it was in great shape I bought it quickly. I thought I would regret it, but it turned out to be my find of the Show.

2. Woods and copeland 300C: This guy is a beast of a 4wd, and when I saw it know that I would like it but that I didn't want to go over budget. I talked to the dealer about the tractor and she informed me that it was 1 of 17 in the world that they had made for the toy show. That was all I needed to hear and I bought it. Again, I thought I would regret it and it ended up being the best find of the day.

1. My second trip to the National farm toy show needed to succeed where the first failed. I needed to find a Wagner. The local shows in Michigan just weren't turning up the prospects I wanted, and this was the place I was going to find my Wagner. It wasn't green or yellow, but finally I landed my Wagner. It remains the #1 most expensive 1/64th scale Item I have bought, but is also one of my favorites. Since then I have bought 2 more Wagner kits for less than half the price, so it feels like it all evens out. Sort of.

Other notable finds include:
The Muddy Rite tractors (1/250) - and these muddy tractors sell for the SAME price as the non-muddy versions which gives the collectors (US) a chance to buy one instead of the dealers making huge money on the markup (Ertl please take a note)

New Models From SIKU

SIKU, a manufacturer that I have really never discussed just released a few new models of all types at the end of september. Here is a poster displaying their new offerings. They generally have a few farm toys for us.

A quote from the SIKU website:

The highlight for all 1:32 scale FARMER collectors and fans.The Claas Xerion
5000 (item 3271) is an impressive continuation of the traditional Claas
brand in
the segment of powerful and sturdy large-sized tractors. SIKU now
produces this
powerful, but beautifully crafted original to 1:32 scale as an
authentic toy
model. In addition to proven features such as the steering
mechanism, opening
engine bonnet and SIKU coupling devices, this model is
fitted with two universal
lighting systems on the cabin roof and with
folding mirrors. The cabin is fully
glazed and removable. Original detail
wheel rims and tyres with agricultural
track complete the look of this
high-end model.There's space to transport
tractors like the Claas Xerion
here: the 1:32 scale Scania tower truck with
3-axle low loader (item 3295).
The truck is almost entirely produced in die-cast
metal with original detail
finish. Steering is possible using a lever behind the
driver’s cabin. The
coupler can be electronically opened and shut. There's more
work to do in
the forest!That’s no problem for the John Deere Forwarder (item
4-axle John Deere Forwarder transports harvested tree trunks across
inaccessible terrain to the logistics depot. The model is fitted with a
and manoeuvrable loading crane. Tree trunks can be loaded and
unloaded – exactly
as in real life!The freight carriage (item 1072) is a
brilliant addition. Front
and rear coupling systems make the model easy to
link to several freight
locomotives, which can be coupled to model #1653
freight train.The Claas Xerion
(item 3271) and the Citybus (item 1894) will
be released in October.The models
John Deere 8345R CONTROL (items 6772/73),
crawler excavator (item 1891),Claas
harvester (item 1991) will be released
in November – wait for a separate
announcement. The plough CONTROL (item
6783) will not be released now until
early 2011 due to technical production

eBay Auctions Cooking Along

Just wanted to remind everyone that there are about 65ish items on eBay spread across about 20 auctions form my collection (Need to make room for new additions).

Above is the 2008 Farm Show Edition 8120. Many nice features and is currently selling for $34 on Van Kley's website.

STX500 is on of several Case IH items in a large lot of toys.

The hard to find international CXT truck features great detail with chrome accents.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New eBay Auctions

I have put up several new eBay auctions containing a variety of 1/64 farm vehicles. I also am selling a 1/10th scale RC Motor and ESC and a RS4 Nitro Car.

There are 20 auctions total, here are some pictures of a few selected auctions.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Fred Ertl Private Collection Auction

The other day I was searching on the Toy Farmer website for information about the 2010 National Farm Toy Show and I found a link to an auction for the private collection of toys belonging to Fred Ertl. He was the son of the Ertl that started it all and the CEO of the Ertl company for many years. I assumed everything would be astronomically priced but I managed to find a tractor in my budget and was able to buy a piece of history in my very own Big Bud 525/84 that belonged to Fred Ertl. Even more to my suprise but the tractor had been tagged on the bottom after being displayed at the national Farm Toy Museum and still had the catalog stamp on the bottom. Im interested to see if any of the bigger ticket items make their way to the National Show Auction on November 6th.

Here is the link to the Fred Ertl Auctions: http: //

Ertl Fall 2010 Toy Releases

I was looking at Ertl's website today and found some new flyers detailing what is in store for us in the next few months. I think the most interesting things in 1/64th scale are the Case IH Air seeder and trailer and the matching New Holland Air seeder. We have had a John Deere version for about 7 years so it will be nice to see in other colors. There was an older Case IH air seeder and cart produced in the 80s and again in the early 2000's, but the construction was rudimentary and felt cheap. Hopefully the new version will be sturdy. The John Deere flyer also has an interesting release with the 1/16 soundgard 4960 Precision with FWA. Its the nicest looking precision I have seen since the 3588 came out a few years ago. It will definitely be on my Christmas list. Without more of my blathering on here are the new release flyers. Oh and yeah I haven't blogged for a while, but I've moved twice and I'm ready to do some serious posting (until I get too busy again and stop.)

Link to the John Deere Spring Flyer:

Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 National Farm Toy Show Tractor

It was recently announced by Toy Farmer that the 2010 National Farm Toy Show tractor will be the International Harvester 3788. This is another variation of the Ertl 2+2 casting that was released a few years ago. Since then they have released a 1/64 scale 3388 and a 1/64 6388. This will be the first 2+2 that has an updated casting in 1/32 scale. According to the pictures the 3788 looks to have cab glass and a movable 3pt hitch. This will be the first of the 3 models to have a 3pt hitch. This will be a great addition to the 4wd series of National Farm toy show tractors but leaves me to ask: why not the 7488?

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